Again. I feel that I'm very weak....
After the long trip (5 days to countryside-__-, I don't want to tell the detail, it sucks). I felt weaker and weaker.
i can't took a deep breath, everytime i do it, it's hurt so much.specially in the morning...
and my mother didn't care at all, though i've said it... and this cough..annoying me
also, everyday at 2PM, i feel my body weaker and shivering. I touch my forehead and neck with my palm and it's so hot. what the hell wrong with me? hope it's not a weird sickness

+SiLent Love+ @ 4:44 PM


So, it's the start of my high school days and things have been very complicated =___="
I expected a calm and happy high school day, where there is no worry or something troublesome
but I GOT IT now.
I and my sister forced to move to my grandma's house and it's very far from my current High school...around 30-45 mins? uuh.. it's really troublesome right? i used to wake up 30 mins before the school start. who would expect something like this? +_+
I just hope that it won't get to troublesome and i can adapt to it soon. i just doesn't want to be a burden..
andddd. welcome me to the REAL high school days ^__^

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+SiLent Love+ @ 1:38 PM


I've been so busy on the first week after i joined high school
it's MOS or preparation for the new students before really join the school.
and it's annoying and just wasting time actually, though i have a bit of good time, but the bad times are 10x than it.
the first 2 days were like hell, it's tiring and full of tasks.
i slept for 3 hours on the first day, and 4 hours on the second day
and on the third day, i ended up half-sleeping when i was working on my english (INTI) test. hope i can get a good mark. huh.
and the final day. it's the most HELL! H I K I N G!!!
It's really tiring and i out of breath for many many time.
and hiking in the middle of the rain? puh bad idea, good things that i didn't get sick that easy.
and my legs are so sore after that hiking. until NOW! i'm still can't walk properly. it's hurt like hell everytime i crouched or run or even just walking slowly.
I hate MOS. i hope that program will be deleted so no one will suffering before the real high school days like us did T__T

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+SiLent Love+ @ 9:28 AM

Pride on the Line

Lately, i've been thinking abt my life goal.
kekekek. and lately, i've been posting abt this kind of thing. whatever...
It's all because my grandma keep compared and my sist) to our cousin.
okay. what does she have? school of Nursery? great. one step nearer to Doctor right?
But i think i'm more capable than her, just my mom won't showing me off...
my exam test results are better than her, at least my Math and English
and this is my only proud subject : English
I wish i could majoring in something about English. Sastra Inggris maybe. tehee...
but i want LAW too..
and bcs of my cousin thingy. i'm eager to set my goal more than her.
what is it? Sastra Inggris is good, but still under her standard.. and i'm still unsure about this.
I just doesn't want to be compared to ANYONE. i want them to know what am I capable of.
This is my pride and i want to prove my existence. just see when i graduated from High School.
3 years from now..

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+SiLent Love+ @ 10:06 AM


I'm scared..really.
The time goes so fast that i didn't even realized
in a week, the holiday will end and i will be a Senior HS student.
what should i do? i'm nervous..
and there's still many many unsolved problem, i haven't get my school report and certificate.
and.. as i review the HS books, it's hard, the lesson T__T
i don't think i can overcome this, but i'll try hard. I'll try hard to be a smarty. even i have to be a nerd.
and shall i leave the internet world?

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+SiLent Love+ @ 10:43 AM

15th Birthday

okay, so it's past my birthday again. I'm fifteen now ♥
Celebrated my birthday @ 25th with a small cake, and with my dearest friends..
then @26, with my family, with...3 cakes? ugh..r eally, i'm still sick of cake.
especially CHOCOLATE one, since i ate the Opera yesterday and the chocolate make me...uggh..sick?
ah, and by the way, my birthday cake is kinda like

it's delicious that i ate it this morning. yesterday i ate it and feel like wanna puke
hahhaa,., obvious actually. since yesterday, I didn't ate any rice. just CAKE, cake, and C A K E!!!

but i love this years birthday, and the presents
especially the one Tina gave me
Mix-style headphone. i said i want it @ June 23th and she gave me right away @ 25th uh love her ♥

this one! but the white, with black skull. aaah i love skull ♥

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+SiLent Love+ @ 1:45 PM


Really in a BAD MOOD today
even the variety show didn't help at all *though, i laughed.kkk...*
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa really wanna scream or repeat the time
stupid stupid stupid meh
Tomorrow is the dateline for ordering School books
i even just know yesterday, and my mom seems didn't prepare the money yet so i can't buy it
i want to ask the senior if they have the books, but i'm afraid if the books are different, so i want to ask my friend about the writer but i don't know anyone there T___T
and anyway, i didn't know any seniors.. huhu... i'm regretting the past when i became so loner
What should i do now? i can't stop thinking about it, hope it all end happily ever after.

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+SiLent Love+ @ 2:46 PM

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